Mental Health – World Mental Health Day 10th October 2018

With World Mental Health Day being the 10th October 2018 I thought I’d do a mix mash of a few of my related previous blogs to do my little bit in raising awareness.   When you break a limb and are in plaster people see it and understand.  If you sprain your ankle and walk… Continue reading Mental Health – World Mental Health Day 10th October 2018

FOOD – Mums, have your cake and eat it!

The eager eyed amongst you will recall that I’ve already blogged about food this year.  You could revisit that blog but in summary I’m a bloody nightmare when it comes to eating.  Serial yo-yo dieter and a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit because I’ll just drop a stone and then I can wear… Continue reading FOOD – Mums, have your cake and eat it!


How did your smalls find their first days of school, be it reception or returning?  How did you find it? I was supposed to follow up my pre-school start blog last week but (1) I’d only actually done the school run properly twice and (2) it was not going well for all concerned and I… Continue reading STARTING SCHOOL (PART 2)


Anxiety.  Overwhelm.  Sadness. Guilt.  They’re always there lurking but like an unwelcome guest they’ve been popping up again lately.  Surprisingly this time they’re also accompanied with their polar opposites. Excitement. Happiness.  Expectation. Intrigue. The reason being? School. The biggest small is starting school after 2 more sleeps.   For 4 years he’s attended the same… Continue reading STARTING SCHOOL (PART 1)


Something a little different to the norm on the blog this week.  Not least that the photos are in colour but with such beauty I didn’t want to use my normal black/white filter.   I’ve just had a fantastic time this weekend staying in a yurt Saturday night at The Turf Hotel overlooking the Exe… Continue reading TIME OUT