Firstly a massive thank you to everyone who supported me with my new blogging venture in 2018.  Your kindness and encouragement has meant the world to me.  From a few paragraphs under a picture on Instagram to developing my own blog, Facebook page and private group I think you’ll agree, just like Chloe, it’s developed legs and is walking on its own.

And this all came about because someone, my amazing Coach Laura Oldfield, aka Power of Mum, helped me find the courage inside of me to do what people had been telling me to do for years

So that was last year’s story.  An amazing, unique year in my life, where I got to spend it all on maternity leave.  Spending time with my beautiful family of 4 but also spending time on myself.  For the first time in a long time, perhaps the first time ever, really thinking about what was important to me and what I wanted for the future.  Working on my mindset and realising there was a lot more inside of me, lurking away, waiting to be unleashed. 


Now we’re into 2019.  A completely new book with chapters yet to be written and that lurky stuff is bubbling out!

I could bang out a load of New Year resolutions but I know from experience I’ll go ‘too hard, too soon’ and they’ll have fallen by the wayside in February along with motivation.  Apparently 80% of resolutions fail by February.   I’ll find myself stuck in the same old rut of years gone by: strained groin from overdoing it at the gym or believing I can run like Mo Farrah, frustrated that I didn’t lose 2 stone by the end of January, frustration when I snapped at Toby when I said I was going to be a more patient mother.

So, this year I’m going about things a little differently.  I have goals and dreams for 2019.  The difference this time is that I’ve broken them down into much more manageable bitesize pieces.  This year I’m all about the #smallchangeschangehabits


Each week I’m going to make one small change.  I actually started this last week as my number 1 goal is to lose weight.  I could have waited another week to join Slimming World.  Equally I could have eaten myself another 7lb heavier in a week with all the left overs from Christmas.  I’d like to say its baby timber but being honest with myself 14 months on its less baby timber and more Haagen-Dazs Ice cream. 

It’s quite a big number to lose and one I could get quite demoralised with.  This time however I’ve broken it down into bitesize pieces (pun intended!).  I’ve set an end goal, an interim goal and a goal for April for when I’m ‘Fabulous at 40’ as opposed to ‘Fat at 40’.

40?  How the hell did that happen?  Anyway, I digress! 


My next small change also relates to my health.  Exercise.  I’m going to commit to 15 minutes of exercise every day.  This should be manageable with/without the children so I cannot use them as an excuse.  Gradually I’ll build it up but initially I just want to start, to make the change.

And that’s how the various personal/professional goals are going to be met this year.  Not by worrying about how I’ll reach them, and then talking myself out of it or over analysing it, but by breaking them down and focusing on each small change until I’ve picked up momentum and got to where I want to be.


  1. Set a goal(s) and write it down.  I’m old school and like good old pen and paper but you could do this on your laptop or phone.  Make it visual.
  • Understand ‘why’ that goal is important to you.  So, for me the weight loss goal is because I want to be healthier in general.  To have more energy. My skin will be better.  I want to practise what I preach to my children about healthy eating.
  • Set a deadline then break your goal down into manageable bitesize pieces of action.  Keep it realistic. 
  • Set reminders. I have a memory like a sieve so use my phone’s reminders to kindly remind me to take action.
  • Start.  Make one small change.  That’s all it takes to gather momentum.  If not now, when?
  • Manage your own expectations.  I know I’m not going to be running any 5k races anytime soon but by just moving a bit more each day, and slowly increasing the duration each week, I could be in a few months’ time.
  • Tell people about your goal/dream.  The more you talk about it the more you start believing in yourself.  You’ll also really benefit from the support and encouragement from others, especially those trying to achieve similar goals.  Find your tribe.

I’ve read a load of self-development books in 2018 but by far my favourite is The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  I’ll leave you with a little something from her:

“There is no right time.  There is only right now.  You get one life.  This is it.  And it’s not going to begin again.  It’s up to you to push yourself to make the most of it and the time to do it is right now.”

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