SPARKLE – How bright is yours shining?

I was going to do a firework blog but after Halloween last week, and a lack of a Wednesday chat topic, I thought that would leave me a little short again this week. Trying to keep on a sparkly firework theme, as I captured a lovely picture of Toby with his sparkler, I give you the rather tenuous link to when you lose your sparkle!

Is your ‘sparkle’ shining bright like a beacon or has it fizzled out like a sparkler in a bucket of water? Or perhaps its somewhere in the middle?

I have days when I feel on fire and on top of my game. Such days usually require the small humans not tag-teaming with night time wake ups. If I can get a good block of undisturbed sleep the day usually starts reasonably well. They’re so unpredictable though and at the moment it’s Toby whose visiting me at some unsociable hour to inform me his bedding isn’t quite right or he’s thirsty. He never fails to amaze me with his varied arsenal of reasons as to why I’ve been rudely awoken very abruptly with a human face about 5cms from my own.

Such days usually involve calm breakfasts where I don’t have to constantly police Chloe feeding her banana to the dog and I get to drink my cup of tea at the table at a temperature above tepid.

If I’m really lucky I can have a shower without Chloe putting on a spectacular performance of the world ending and pressing herself up against the shower door. Either that or turning the bathroom basket out and looking like she is smoking the tampax. She’s yet to find the toilet brush but I know it’s only a matter of time.

If all the planets are aligned I might only have to ask a handful of times for shoes, socks, jumper and coat to be put on to enable us to leave the house. I appreciate I am really asking for greatness here. I have learnt that in order to keep some kind of calm about the place I allow 15 minutes for the act of actually getting two small humans and a beagle out of the house. My favourite Michael McIntyre sketch springs to mind here. Check it out, it’s so true.

It is also a good day if the dog doesn’t stop for a poo on the way to the bus as I don’t factor in any time for operation clean up.

With one safely off to school our days work better if we get out and about. I’ve recently returned to a small local pop up play café which is just perfect at Chloe’s age. It’s free play for under 1’s (I shall be visiting every day for the next fortnight to maximise this), good food and I can actually sit down within close proximity of Chloe playing independently. I can even possibly consume my second none tepid cuppa of the day. Who knew this was possible? Just to clarify I don’t spend 5 days a week at said pop up play café and we’ll also visit friends or go for a walk. And then some days we’ll just have lazy days at home.

But every now and again I can feel myself becoming a bit ‘mweh’. I can keep going for a good period of time but then I realise I’ve forgotten to mix things up a bit and/or take some time out for myself. I’ve previously blogged about self-care and I’ll mention it again because I think it’s so important. It’s absolutely right that we should have time to ourselves and not feel guilty about it. Time solely to ourselves, time with our other halves and time with our friends and family. I find it’s more likely to happen if I write it down on the calendar. Gone are the days of spontaneity but I do enjoy me a bit of organized fun.

My circle of close friends are all starting to turn 40 this year. 8 of us went out last week, partners included, for a nice slap up meal and then off to a pub for karaoke! I can’t really remember the last time we did that and it was an absolutely amazing night. My rendition of House of Pain – Jump Around seemed popular with the crowd!

I also went to lunch with just my mum and mooched, that’s right I mooched, around the shops for a couple of hours. I can’t remember the last time I mooched anywhere.

Both these pockets of adult time meant that my sparkle has been recharged. Recharged enough in fact to get me through my ‘mum’s taxi’ shift on Sunday of 10 – 4.30 encompassing a sleepover pick up and two back to back birthday parties.

If your sparkle isn’t shining too brightly at the moment what could you do to recharge it? It doesn’t have to be a two-week all-inclusive holiday to distant shores (although that would be most welcome) but just something you can do for yourself. Taking 30 minutes when the children are asleep to read a book, have a hot bath or do anything for 30 minutes that floats your boat. Sitting down for a cuppa when the small human(s) nap rather than immediately picking up chores. I quite often slip into a routine of chores but there will always be chores. Just taking 5 – 10 minutes to yourself can make such a difference. Scheduling some time with your other half. Sometimes I realise that I miss him even though I see him every day. Our time can be consumed with the children that we actually forget to communicate about anything else. I’m just as happy to stay in with a £10 meal for tea and a boardgame as I am to go out.

So I look forward to chatting over in the Facebook group on Wednesday, from 8pm, about your days and what you do to keep your sparkle sparkling.

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  1. This is very warm and welcoming piece. I remember being 40 once. That seems like it was at once a distant memory but also like it was yesterday. The best part about your post is that I felt as if I stepped right into your life for just a moment and could appreciate who you are and how important you are to the people you love. ❤️ Thanks for sharing part of your journey.

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