HALLOWEEN – Trick or Treat?

I love me a bit of Halloween.

It didn’t stem from childhood, as I didn’t go out trick or treating, but I think from when I bought my first house and we moved in just before Halloween. We had a ‘House O Ween’ party. The first-year guests were arriving as the final screws to flat packed Argos furniture were going in and I applied a £1.99 shiny devil’s tail to my behind.

But then the parties got good. The decorations got bigger as did the costumes. One year our mid terrace house was turned into a castle, the next a crime scene. Darren created Hell Boy, The Crow and Edward Scissor Hands costumes. I’ll spare you the details of the year he went as Dr Frank-N-Furter from the Rocky Horror Show! They were really rather drunken affairs with late 20/early 30 year olds using it as an excuse to dress up and drink from plastic skull goblets.

When my first small human came along there was a stark contrast to the previous year’s shenanigans! Instead I’ve got fond memories of Toby dressed as a fluffy orange pumpkin sticking his chubby little mits into a tray of spaghetti pretending they were worms. I still have the pumpkin costume so that will now get a second outing with small human #2.

Last year we went out trick or treating with Toby (then nearly 4) for the first time. Living on a new build there was such a community spirit as tiny skeletons and witches roamed the streets with little orange buckets. The experience was cut slightly short as at 39 weeks pregnant I started losing the will to live after 30 minutes. He came home and lined all his sweets up to count his night’s work.

We were inundated with trick or treaters last year and despite buying a 100-piece variety pack (ok, maybe it was down to say 90 after I’d raided the refreshers) we had to put a sign on the door saying we were out!

Now this year Halloween for us seems to be on steroids. Maybe it’s the way that half term has fallen but so far we’ve had a week of Halloween and we aren’t even at the main event.

We visited a farm last Monday. The expectation was we’d walk around the farm field, select our pumpkin and join in the carving activities. The reality was we walked through the farm shop first, he saw a pumpkin he wanted, begrudgingly walked round the field for 5 minutes until he nagged me to return to the shop where we bought said pumpkin. He couldn’t lift it so I had to balance it in one hand whilst pushing a buggy. In and out in 15 minutes. Daddy did an awesome job of carving the pumpkin which is now rotten in our bin. I am not bitter that I paid £5 for a pumpkin that I could have picked up for 99p in Aldi!

We’ve also had a Halloween party with friends, a spooky encounter at Wildwood, a Halloween party at a soft play area (which I thought was a Halloween themed birthday party, sent Toby with a present, but apparently it wasn’t the child’s birthday he just loves Halloween!) and a pumpkin trail round the local village. We’ve still got the main event and then another Halloween themed party stretching into November. I am delighted with the value for money we’re going to get out of this year’s costume.

The house has been decorated and in a few days’ time I’m sure I’ll stop shitting myself every time I think there’s another massive black spider in the house when really it’s just some plastic tat.

Chloe seems a bit indifferent to it all but at 11 months old I’ll let her off. Toby on the other hand is counting down the sleeps until Wednesday and I’m excited that he’s so excited. I’ve even added some grey to my hair for witchy authenticity!

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