Something a little different to the norm on the blog this week.  Not least that the photos are in colour but with such beauty I didn’t want to use my normal black/white filter.  

I’ve just had a fantastic time this weekend staying in a yurt Saturday night at The Turf Hotel overlooking the Exe Estuary.  I was one of four ladies, the only one being a parent, yet it was clear that we were all very much enjoying some ‘time out.’ Time out doesn’t need to be time out from parenting it can be time out from anything/everything, from work, the usual routine, time out with different people and just time to reset and recharge our batteries.


I met the girls there shortly after 3.00pm on Saturday.  Anyone local will know there is no parking at Turf and instead you’re supposed to walk down.  Laiden with two heavy bags, and against Darren’s advice that he would drive me down, I chose to walk.  Bloody hell, I forgot just how far it was. 20+ minutes later and in this abnormally tropical weather I arrived a sweaty chub rub mess.  The other girls, not such a stickler for the rules, were dropped to the door smelling fruity fresh.

I am friends with Michelle and only know Vicki and Hazel via her and  a couple of previous ‘birthday do’s’ where she’s thrown random people together.  I’ve referred to this process as an X-factor audition and having got through the auditions and judges stages I was now at the live show.  I think it’s a testament to the type of person she is that we all got on so well like we’ve known each other for years.

Home for the night was the yurt (see picture). It was amazing.  Double beds, futons, sparkly lights situated right on the Exe Estuary with stunning panoramic views.  We were there to celebrate Michelle’s birthday so we cracked out the fizz and cupcakes.


Have you ever tried to inflate one of those lazy lounger air bed sofas?  Not as easy as they make out on the ads. As the alcoholic bubbles took hold the beautiful panoramic views were intermittently filled with flashes of two women running like the wind in an attempt to inflate neon pink and blue air beds and squealing with laughter.  


Without a care in the world we soaked up the glorious sunshine and our various tipples.  

Evening meal sat outdoors watching the sunset.  So much laughter.


Returning to the yurt to find our tent neighbours had moved!  Clearly they anticipated a raucous evening, having witnessed the afternoon shenanigans, but with sunny afternoon drinking they needn’t have worried as we’d peaked early and were sensibly tucked up in our yurt by 10.30.


The other girls watched the beautiful sunrise at 5.30am but I was taking full advantage of the undisturbed horizontal bed time and figured I could enjoy looking at their pics.

Bacon and egg breakfast sarnies with a cuppa overlooking the estuary.

All good things have to come to an end but this time I was a rebel and asked that Darren drive down to pick me up Sunday morning.  

That’s the first night I’ve been away since Chloe was born.  It was lovely to have had the opportunity to totally switch off for the afternoon/night knowing that the kids were having some fun 1:1 dad time. To not have anyone dependent on me, to not have to think about anything or to organise anything, to go with the flow, to go to the toilet without an audience!  Equally it was lovely to see their smiley little faces Sunday morning and for me to come home feeling recharged, calm and revitalized ready for the chaos to ensue again!

I look forward to the winner’s tour that takes place March 2019.  Until then ladies I look forward to watching our video footage on ‘You’ve been framed.’

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